25000₽ up to 2 hrs

  • 15000р. The First Impression (60 min.)
  • 35000р. A little more time (up to 3 hrs)
  • 45000р. A date with dinner (up to 4 hrs)
  • 60000р. Romantic evening (up to 6 hrs)
  • 80000р. Long sweet nigh(up to 12 hrs)
  • 100000р. Twenty-four hours of bliss
  • 80000р. Every additional overnight *
  • * for orders of 5 nights or more every 24 hours 60000р.

35000₽ up to 2 hrs

  • 20000р. The First Impression (60 min.)
  • 50000р. A little more time (up to 3 hrs)
  • 65000р. A date with dinner (up to 4 hrs)
  • 80000р. Romantic evening (up to 6 hrs)
  • 100000р. Long sweet nigh(up to 12 hrs)
  • 150000р. Twenty-four hours of bliss
  • 100000р. Every additional overnight *
  • * for orders of 5 nights or more every 24 hours 80000р.

** Here are approximate prices.
For exact prices, see the profile of the girl you chose. The price may vary both up and down.
Regular customers, as well as when ordering several models are given discounts.

What discounts are possible?

If you like a girl, then inviting her for a second date, you get a 10% discount.
If you are fascinated by a girl and want to see her for the third time, then the discount for you will be 20% The girl you choose is not the first time, receives a pleasant bonus in the form of a higher percentage from the second meeting and the maximum percentage from the third.

If you have spent total $3000 for our services, then you become our VIP client and as privileges get personal access to our VIP Catalog, as well as a discount on all services of 20%

The procedure of payment for Escort

We accept Cash, PayPal and CryptoCurrencies.

We accept cash money in the following currencies: Russian ruble, Swiss franc, US dollar, Euro, British pound.
The payment in cash is made at the beginning of the meeting . We have a rule - Pay and Fly!
Money is desirable to invest in an unsealed envelope and then pass it to your companion, let her to check it.
To expedite this process, please use the large and fairly new denominations, it will be a significative of your favorable treatment to the girl, which you hand in it.

If it is more convenient for you to pay through a mobile bank or other bank transfer, as well as through payment systems PayPal (+ 10%) Western Union or others, let us know and we will provide you with our details.

You can also pay with Cryptocurrencies (coins: Tether, USD Coin, Pax Dollar, BUSD and other stablecoins. If you want to pay with other coins, discuss it with the manager).

If your order is in Moscow or St. Petersburg

First, you have to choose a girl and a couple of replacement options if she is busy.

Then you have to call the manager and tell us where you are staying or where you would like to invite one or the other girl, how long in duration. Then the manager will coordinate it with this model, and if the girl is free during the period, we will assign you a date with her.
The minimum time for which you can make the order- Moscow- 1,5 hour, St Petersburg - is one hour. The minimum time for which a girl can come to you quickly - is 30-80 minutes.

The payment is made upon arrival of the model at the order within the city. If the order is in the suburbs, our just regular clients may pay actually, so we go to the new clients only after an advance payment to the bank card.
Gifts, flowers, tips and taxi money is always welcome if you like the girl.

If you invite a lady to another city or to the trip abroad

The cost of travel is determined individually depending on the distance,
kind of transport, time, etc.

If you order the trip abroad, your order must be minimum of 2 nights.
Pre-paid ticket in parties, spending money on the trip ($ 200), and 40% of the total amount of remuneration of the girl.
The rest of the sum (60%) is transferred to a girl at the meeting with you or you can transfer it to the bank account of the agency at the beginning of your date.
All the funds which the agency receives as an advance payment- is a deposit until the model doesn’t carry out all her work.